Introduction to Global Chemical Company – Manufacturer of Zinc Chemicals

Global Chemical Company was established to manufacture zinc chloride in the year 1974. Now, they are global manufacturer and supplier of many zinc chemicals. All the products and chemicals manufactured are of good quality and are supplied at a very competitive price. Visit the website for further details of the company.

The belief of Global Chemical Co.:

The company believes in delivering good quality products at a reasonable price. The entire team is efficient enough to manufacture the various chemicals using new, innovative, and upgraded technology. All the products, ingredients, and processes are improved through thorough research and development that are routinely conducted at the laboratories of Global Chemical company, visit the website for details of the R&D and quality policy. The products manufactured at Global Chemical are made suitable for the customers who use them. Most of the products manufactured by the company are patented.

“We believe what is good for our customers will be good for us”. This is the belief of Global Chemical company.

The zinc chemicals manufactured are supplied to the local customers in Thailand and also export the products to many continents including Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia.

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The various products manufactured by Global Chemical Company has various applicationsin many industries:

  • The zinc chemicals can be used in dry rubber and latex applications. The chemicals manufactured are active zinc oxide, composite zinc oxide, and zinc carbonate. Zinc oxide is important for good vulcanization. Zinc oxide produced by Global Chemical have higher surface area and particle size is small compared to other zinc oxides in the market.
  • Zinc oxide possesses properties against ultraviolet rays and anti-bacterial properties. It is stable in sunlight and can provide protection from UVA rays and UVB rays. Thus, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies use zinc oxide in their preparation such as sunscreen cream and lotions.

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