Mattresses and their types

Mattresses and their types

Mattresses are an important item when it comes to our sleep schedule. One needs to decide on the correct mattress which matches their physical requirements in order to get sound sleep. Making the wrong choice can lead to severe back problems or even problems in one’s sleep cycles eventually leading to various mental health problems. In today’s world, mattresses have come a long way and are designed to meet the needs of the customer. Depending on these needs, mattresses are made in different ways with different materials, each with its own unique advantages.


Types of mattresses

As said, mattresses are of different kinds each with its own specific qualities. Some of the types are –

Memory Foam mattress – This type of mattress are made up of a highly viscous and elastic material which makes it benefit to the customer. The foam bends and changes its shape according to the body shape and provides maximum warmth and comfort to the body. Upon moving away, the foam regains tis original shape due to its high elasticity. Thus, it provides the highest of comforts while sleeping.

Innerspring mattress – These mattresses make use of metal springs embedded inside which provide the firmness ad support one needs while sleeping. The number of springs decide the firmness the mattress will provide and it varies according to the needs of the customer.

Latex mattress – These are similar to memory foam mattresses and are gaining quite the popularity due to its property of conforming to the body shape of the customers.

Apart from these, there are air mattresses which are known for their portability, pillow top mattress with the top half being extra padded with foam, water beds, gel infused mattresses, etc.



Thus, we see that there are numerous different variants of mattresses. Each of them have their own special advantage and provide the best of comfort to their users.

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