Pros & Cons of Blockchain-based Technology in eSports

Pros & Cons of Blockchain-based Technology in eSports

Though cryptocurrency has paved its way into many fields as a transaction unit, yet it is a subject of fierce debate within the gaming community. The PC gamers, especially those who wager on eSports, have been lured by the fancy of crypto-transaction because they feel an utmost safety in this method without considering pros and cons of crypto-transaction. Blockchain is mainly used as a platform to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions; Blockchain’s natural fitness for use in eSports betting is seen in its distributed data, cryptographic security, immutability, and infinitely expanding capacity, but there’s no concrete evidence. The alternative uses of blockchain-based technology have been explored only in the very recent because blockchain has not passed all acid tests of its efficient performance.

Blockchain performance

Most gamers have an absolute faith over the potential of blockchain technology that caused the development of blockchain-powered platforms like for eSports betting, but much is yet to be known about their performance. The debaters in ongoing debates on the working of blockchain-powered platforms have not yet issues a certificate of excellent performance to these platforms. Thus, you cannot treat them absolutely safe and worthful from every perspective. It might not be all destiny and dejection for gamers when it comes to the world of virtual currencies. The sweet-bitter relationship of eSports bettors with virtual currencies will continue to exist.

Pros and cons of blockchain-based technology

Blockchain-based technology, as you may find in, is advantageous for eSports betting because you can’t cheat with blockchain. Peer-to-peer feature in blockchain is good from the perspective of online gamers whose gameplay will have infinite longevity, no matter whether the gaming platform doesn’t have a dedicated server. However, the gamers are troubled by the low speed. Every blockchain-based gamer would also need to have cryptocurrency to run the transaction. As far, safety angle is viewed, much problem has not been observed as yet.

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